CRED: The Showstopper Of Emerging Fintechs In India

2022-09-09 12:56:29

In India, where the idea of “Borrowings” is nearly tabooed has observed a constant rise in recent times which is commendable. The founder Mr. Kunal Shah, who by making CRED the sixth and the only Indian startup to enter the 2021 unicorn club, has earned the name ‘Serial Entrepreneur’. After pulling off his venture with FreeCharge, instead of sticking to his already invested company, he took the risk of playing the big hand — investing in other startups. That resulted in so much exposure that he got recognized by the wealthy investors for his upcoming ideas, ‘CRED’ stood out as one of them. He acquired funding especially for CRED even long before when they hit any recommendable record. It was possible because of the investors that could rely on Shah based on his brilliant capability. At present, CRED has a total of 28 investors, and 7 of them are lead investors.

In-CRED-ibly Aesthetic Interface


In the sea of colorful and bold designs, users find CRED’s minimalistic design more appealing.

Thrilling Marketing Strategy


The cutting-edge marketing strategies by casting renowned faces have been a part of the advertising history for a long time now. Adding up to that, severely targetted content is CRED’s trump card. We all vividly remember how the Rahul Dravid campaign went viral!

Diversified Products

The enlarged operations held by CRED are their asset slowly extending the community. Some of them include:


With this product, CRED members are pre-approved for up to Rs 5,00,000. No documents are required. Nor physical visits. In 3 easy steps, members can enjoy this facility.

CRED RentPay

The groundbreaking move by CRED is their RentPay, as it has made paying rents for your home easy by credit cards.

CRED Coins

The CRED coins feature is a plus point. It allows you to redeem the points you have gathered by using the app and utilize them when you’re buying from the CRED Store.

CRED Store


CRED Store is an initiative for CRED members to shop from a wide range of products available on the app. If you use the CRED Coins, you get discounts on the products.



The CRED Community by far has the edgiest startup history in India. Their strong entrepreneurship appears promising and as the founder laid himself: “The best way to visualize what CRED is going to become is a large gated community or club, with chosen customers who are creditworthy for a select audience, and will never be the app that caters to hundreds of millions of customers. It will have top 20-30 million families using products and services, creating interesting experiences. Once we create a community of trust and like-mindedness, we will remove the line between fintech and lifestyle and serve their needs.”

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