How Do I Mentor And Track SEO Result in 2023?

2022-12-01 12:38:18

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the approach to optimize web pages. The idea mainly includes top rankings in the search engine. Whenever we put up content, all we want is to be visible in the audience’s search. There comes the need for keywords that have to be relevant to the services or the products. SEO is rightfully required to attract quality traffic to the website. This can be possible when you choose the best search engine optimization company in Kolkata.

Whenever you plan to launch or develop an e-commerce website, SEO is a vital requirement. Nowadays creating and maintaining a digital presence is a necessity to grow your business and also to make it reach the people who need to know about it. Moreover, the right execution of functional SEO approaches is beneficial to the site’s visibility, developing it by gaining new customers through organic traffic strategies. This has been really beneficial for those who have tried the best SEO company in Kolkata.

It has been established that SEO has been considered as one of the most systematic and logical digital marketing tactics in this industry. But there are a few things to remember for SEO to perform well. Tracking down the results on a regular basis and covering up the matrices are the starting point to achieving successful results.

SEO Ranking

Let’s talk about some of the important ways to measure SEO results.

Organic Traffic to Track SEO Results.

In today’s world, where every piece of information is available at our fingertips through the internet in any electronic gadget, this has been truly a blessing to this generation. Whenever we type anything that might be a word or question into a search engine bar, we get a set of results that flashes pages related to the search query and ads as well. So organic traffic is mainly the number of audiences that visit the site which is generated from their click on the web page after selecting from the search engine results page.

Keyword Ranking

The keyword is usually considered to be one word or phrase whenever its presence is found in search engine portals like Google. The contents are required to be optimized in order to rank at the top of search engine results. This way one can analyze their ranking and get their desired results. You take help from the best SEO company in Kolkata and learn more about the metrics and analytics.


Evaluating the backlinks can help you find significant insights into the link-building areas. Backlinks can be the potential to increase the traffic on your website. Work with the best search engine optimization company in Kolkata and get to see the results on your own.

Click-Through Rate

This is a way that depicts the percentages of users who have clicked the site from the SERP. It’s a way of tracking the attention of the users by how much they are attracted by the meta descriptions and title tags. Get in touch with the best SEO company in Kolkata and get sorted with the tracking issues of your website.

SERP Visibility

SERP, also known as Search Engine Result Page where Google leads to an outcome. They accumulate the organic results here along with the ads and other SERP features. Some examples of the SERP feature include a knowledge panel, image packs and many more. Lastly, it’s a great way to measure and monitor SEO results.

In today’s era, no matter where we live and what we do, if you are having a business in the digital world, it needs SEO services to grow. We use smartphones and we are all accustomed to Google. For every unknown answer, we google and get results for the same. Well, by now you have understood why SEO is necessary for a living, we can say.

Think Surf Media is a renowned name in the digital world in Kolkata. If you need any help with SEO, we will be glad to help you with your business. Give it a try and experience the best SEO services from us. Contact us for more information.

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