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About Landing Page Services

Any web page that a customer can arrive on is a landing page, but in the context of marketing, it's typically a separate page from your homepage or from any other page that has a specific purpose. A landing page is a response to whatever promises you may have provided in your content. In essence, it's the next phase before a visitor converts into a client. Your landing page enables you to exchange contact details for a trade, unique offer, specific piece of data, or transaction.

Landing pages can be click-through, lead-generation pages that send visitors to other pages, such as your e-commerce website. In exchange for the input of contact information, lead generating landing pages frequently offer things like an eBook, free trial, contest participation, or webinar registration. A successful landing page will accomplish its goal by persuading a potential consumer that it is worthwhile to trade their personal information for whatever it is you are offering. If a prospective buyer can access your landing pages via a basic search or your company website, they are more likely to visit those pages.

You don't have to limit yourself to just one landing page, much alone one landing page at a time. In fact, marketing professionals may advise you to have a number of landing pages that are tailored to different consumer segments.

Boost your conversion rate with - Landing Page Services

Working with Thinksurf Media gives your business a competitive edge, especially with our in-house landing page designers. With the help of our landing page designer services, you can design, publish, and continually improve your landing pages, resulting in an increase in leads, sales, and income for your company.

Custom Design
Templates? Never mind them. We exclusively make unique landing pages, adjusting the layout to your niche, clientele, and audience. Such customisation generates sales, leads, and increased income.

Market analysis.
The foremost step in developing a landing page that generates leads, revenues, and profits is conducting a thorough market analysis. To create an appealing, user-friendly, and quick landing page, we research your market, your target customer, and your goods or services.

Testing CRO
Continuous testing is necessary if you want to get the highest ROI from your landing page. Our landing page design services keep a track of almost everything, from text testing to color selection, assisting your company in maximizing sign-ups, phone calls, and sales. Receive all the benefits of expert landing page services with us.

Your business will benefit from using our expert landing page services in a number of ways:

  • 1) Get a unique layout and conversion plan for each landing page.
  • 2) Collaboration with a committed account manager.
  • 3) launch mobile-, desktop-, and tablet-friendly responsive landing pages.
  • 4) Setup conversion tracking codes for each of your landing pages.
  • 5) Track calls produced by your landing pages in a single, practical location.
  • 6) Sync databases and lead forms.
  • 6) even more.

You get a comprehensive landing page solution from Thinksurf Media. Our design, programming, and online marketing teams work together to create a compelling, brand-consistent landing page that offers a positive user experience, stellar text, and conversions. Additionally, your dedicated account manager ensures that all of your queries and communications are promptly responded to.

TSM Pricing: Landing Page Services

For more information on the features included in each of our strategies and how bespoke landing page designs for business pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns may help your business succeed, check the price table below. Are you ready to optimize your PPC landing pages? Get in touch with us online to have a conversation with a knowledgeable email strategist about how the perfect landing page may increase sales. See our breakdown of services below:

Page Design
Content Writing
Coversion Rate Optimized
Custom Form
Number of Sections Upto 5 Upto 10
Pixel Setup
Google Analytics Setup
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Project Complete



Lines of
Code Written



Revenue Generated



Ready to empower your business with a custom Digital solution?

Outsourcing your website development will give you access to experienced project managers, programmers, creatives and UX/UI designers who focus on your website and deliver successful results.
You are not required to pay the entire amount upfront, but just an initial amount as it is divided into 3 milestones and you have to pay only on the completion of the milestones.
It obviously depends on the project size. But on average it takes somewhere from 1-3 months for completion.
If you don’t have a hosting and domain then we can definitely get you one.
We will make sure that's not the case. But if we don't benefit from each other, We will let you go.