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About Social Media Advertising

PPC advertising is a keyword based marketing strategy. Different search keywords and phrases are given values by PPC campaign services depending on factors including search volume, difficulty, and the level of competition. The price of a keyword increases as more marketers compete for it.

Marketing platforms, like Google pay per click advertising, have limited slots available. As a result, you must compete to get your PPC place. But advertisers are unable to just spend more to maximize the visibility of their PPC advertising.

All PPC advertisements, including those from Google, are up for sale. This has to do with an automated procedure that search engines employ to evaluate the authenticity and relevance of ads that show up on their SERPs. To improve your ad rank and reduce your cost per click (CPC), you must make sure your ads have a high Quality Score.

Your PPC advertising must be pertinent to the demographics of your target audience, contain useful keywords, have high click-through rates (CTRs), and direct prospects to a landing page with SEO optimization if you want to achieve a high Quality Score.

Don't have enough time to do a PPC assessment and optimize your PPC campaign? Trust Think Surf Media with your PPC services, and we'll take care of all the technical stuff.

Build your business with efficient Paid Search advertising

Pay per click marketing has established itself as one of the greatest and most effective internet marketing techniques over the years. PPC advertising enables companies to control their ad spending and position their brand products in front of the right people at the right moment and location.

PPC ads give you laser-focused exposure, which quickens the purchasing process and increases your conversion rate.

Pay per click internet marketing, however, can be your best alternative if you only have a limited amount of time to promote your brand products and have an influence on your niche market.

Below are the benefits of availing Pay per click (PPC) services:

  • 1) It improves performance on views, clicks, and sales and aids in assessing the progress of campaigns.
  • 2)The budget allotment might be a huge benefit if you use your bid value properly.
  • 3) Using keywords, you may hone down on your target audience.
  • 4) We have complete control over the PPC services and may suspend or terminate the advertisement at any moment.
  • 5) To reach your potential clients for marketing, PPC utilizes a geo-targeting tool.
  • 6) The audience may also be targeted using the integrated display planning and keyword planner tools.
  • 6) You will have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of traffic and search results.
  • 7) You can aim at a new group of audience.

Boost your brand awareness and increase your revenue with PPC

We provide a range of pay-per-click services aimed at boosting website traffic and conversions.

Thinksurf Media is well known for creating appealing and engaging PPC Ad Campaigns that drives revenue.

Ad Budget $1000 - $2500 $2500 - $5000 Above $5000
Campaign Campaign – 1 Campaign – 2 Campaign – 5
AD Groups AD Groups – 2 AD Groups – 6 AD Groups – 10
Ad Copies Ad Copies – Maximum 6 Ad Copies – Maximum 15 Ad Copies – Maximum 50
No. of Keywords No. of Keywords-50 No. of Keywords-100 No. of Keywords-150
Search Ads
Display Ads
Gmail Ads
Video Ads
Shopping Ads
App Promotion Ads
Remarketing List
Conversion Tracking
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Optimization
Ad Copy Optimization
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Reports – Monthly
Dedicated Account Manager
Setup Fees $199 $199 $199
Ad Management 15% of Ad spent 15% of Ad spent 15% of Ad spent

Project Complete



Lines of
Code Written



Revenue Generated



Ready to empower your business with a custom Digital solution?

Among all the platforms that let’s you run ads, Google Ads has the highest conversion rates. And it absolutely makes sense when you think about it. Google is a search engine and people are actively looking for products or services that you are offering.
In addition to saving money, outsourcing PPC also eliminates the need for in-house setup and training, giving you immediate access to dedicated expertise.
All contracts come with a “Cancellation Guarantee” and usually have a contract period of 6 months but You can also cancel the contract anytime you want. A small cancellation fee will be charged if the contract is canceled before the contract period expires.
When you start running ads for the first time, it usually takes few weeks to break even on the ads spents after that we will be optimizing to get you the most profit out of that.
We will make sure that's not the case. But if we don't benefit from each other, We will surely let you go.
About that, yes. Apart from the overall ads setup and management fee, you also need to pay directly to the platform where you will be running ads on.
See, in general there is no such maximum spend. But, we only work with businesses spending a minimum of $1500 per month to make sure we can get you the best results.