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SEO (Search engine optimization) refers to the practice of making a website easier to locate, crawl, and classify. It is about assisting your clients in finding your business amid thousands of others. It is primarily concerned with a comprehensive approach to generate an audience for your business via online platforms. And in attempt to do so, the website's ranking in the SERPs (search engine result page) must improve.

Every marketing campaign, whether B2B or B2C, has the same goal: to generate new business.

Sure, the name may change from leads to viewers or clients to customers, but ultimately, every business craves to be identified by more people, be willing to do business with them, and be prepared to procure what they're providing. Our SEO services ensure that you enjoy a stress-free experience. It is hard to ignore SEO, if you want a regular inflow of new people to find and be curious about what you're selling.

Our SEO service is a very comprehensible way to:

  • Increase your sales, leads and queries.
  • Increase the size of your target audience.
  • Promote brand recognition
  • Improve your understanding of your customers and clients, and
  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs.

Keep your business on track

Ranking on the first page of google search results is not an overnight wonder. It takes time and consistent efforts to rank on the first page and hold that position. Moreover SEO is ever changing and is a constant effort of the developers, content writers, designers and SEO experts to make sure your business stands out in the crowd.

Here are the benefits of collaborating with our expert SEO team:

  • 1) Increase your digital marketing ROI and credibility
  • 2) Drive high-quality traffic to your website;
  • 3) Boost your probabilities
  • 4) Quantify your success with real numbers
  • 5) Promote your business 24/7
  • 6) Every stage of the purchasing funnel is targeted
  • 7) More leads, revenue, and market share are generated as brand awareness grows.
  • 8) Increases the effectiveness of your PPC ads.
  • 9) It allows you to overcome your competitors
  • 10) Strengthens your digital marketing approach
  • 11) Reaches every individual of your target demographic
  • 12) Reduces advertising expenses
  • 13) It boosts local marketing initiatives.
  • 14) Long-term success is fueled

We are devoted to magnify your business digitally

TSM provides customized and bespoke solutions for every business we connect with, but the service breakups in our price table gives you a glance at the multiple services provided by our SEO team.

Organic search optimization comprises a variety of SEO techniques, and our SEO team uses each of it to enhance your business and help you succeed your competitors.

Find the best SEO services package for your company today!

FEATURES Silver Gold Platinum CUSTOM
Keywords $8 $15 $25 $50 per keyword (Less than 10 Keywords)
Website Analysis $40 per keyword (more than 10 less than 25)
Competitors Analysis $35 per keyword (more than 5)
Duplicate Content Checks
Backlink Audit
Keyword Research
Keyword Url Mapping
Baseline Rank Report
Robot File Optimize
Sitemap Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Url Optimization
Image Optimization
Google Analytics Implementation
Check The Broken Links
Image Optimization
Backlinks Monthly 10 20 30
Profile Linking
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking
Web 2.0 Blog Submission
Image Sharing
Citation Listing
Quora Q/A
Blog Commenting
Ppt/Pdf Sharing
Classified Posting
Content Writing For Backlinks 2 4 6
Initial Seo Audit Report
Keywords Research Report
Monthly Report Traffic & Behaviour

Project Complete



Lines of
Code Written



Revenue Generated



Ready to empower your business with a custom Digital solution?

Search engine optimization is a service for increasing a website’s visibility when people search for similar products or services. Mainly it helps in bringing free traffic from organic searches. The higher the website is ranked, the more people see it.
The biggest benefits for outsourcing Search Engine Optimization is that you can focus on your core business activities. Basically, it frees you up to work on critical projects and tasks and still grow your organic search presence.
A minimum of 5 keywords needs to be targeted for your SEO efforts.
All contracts come with a “Cancellation Guarantee” and usually have a contract period of 6 months. A small cancellation fee will be charged if the contract is canceled before the contract period expires.
It takes minimum 3 months to maximum 6 months in order to see results.
We will make sure that's not the case. But if we don't benefit from each other, We will let you go.