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Social media is internet based and provides the user a quick electronic communication of content such as documents, personal information, videos and photos. Different users engage with social media via laptop, or smartphone with web based software or applications. Social media typically helps in featuring user generated content and personalized profiles. This is an ever changing and evolving field with newer apps joining the ranks of established social networks like facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter. Social media allows the marketers to engage and connect to the potential customers on Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and linkedin. The marketers with a strong social media strategy and ability to create engaging content can easily engage the audience base. Social media also increases your market reach by attracting customers. As said, Social media is not a media, it is the key to listen, engage and build relationships. Social media also helps in increasing revenue by building customer networks and advertising. Not only this, social media even looks after increasing traffic to your website and improving the search engine rankings. With social media you can even keep an eye on your competitors. Bringing the ultimate equalizer, social media gives a voice and platform to everyone who is willing to engage.

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Social media marketing is the best option if you want to expand your company and have a social presence. Due to the growing requirement for businesses to maintain an active presence across numerous social media platforms,

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To build a loyal and enthusiastic customer base in the modern digital age, traditional marketing techniques are insufficient. You must meet people where they are active and tailor your brand message to specific target segments

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